Grandmother Questions Good News Club

Recently I was teaching at training for Good News Club and heard a wonderful story from one of our volunteers that I couldn’t wait to share with you! During the training one of our volunteers shared how she became involved in teaching at a Good News Club. Five years ago her grandson enrolled in a Good News Club at his elementary school. She wasn’t sure what Good News Club was, and she wanted to make sure her grandson was in a good environment. So, she went to club every week and sat there with her Bible on her lap, being taught along with the children. Eventually she realized that the Good News Club was a safe place and she began to volunteer as a teacher. Five years later, most of her family has come to know Christ and have been baptized in the church that sponsors the Good News Club. She and that same grandson — who is now a freshman in high school — are faithful volunteers! Just a few weeks ago I visited the Good News Club that this volunteer and her grandson teach in and observed them teaching the children together as a team. The club has well over fifty children enrolled and it was a joy to watch the Good News Club volunteers teach them about the Lord. I can’t wait to go back to visit in the New Year and see how the club has grown and what the children have learned over the weeks from God’s Word.

~Jeanne Hulme CEF of Greater St. Louis Staff Member