Greater St. Louis Area

Summer Ministry Special Projects

We would like to invite you to help us reach more children this summer by selecting one or more special project to give to. As our general fund is low these projects will help us with the costs incurred for summer ministry as we go out all over the Greater St. Louis area reaching children with the gospel. Pray and ask God what projects He would have you help us with. Your gift is greatly appreciated!!


Project Fuel Cards: Many miles are driven throughout the summer transporting our summer missionaries to and from clubs. It takes a lot of fuel to keep us going and with fuel prices on the rise this is a great need!



Project CYIA Training Scholarship:
We would like to provide 4 CYIA™  Scholarships at $250.00 each to young people in need of assistance in attending this training. The total cost for CYIA training is $400.00. We have a couple of families that have 3 or more children attending training. This would be a wonderful blessing. 
Project Sponsor a 5-Day Club®:
A $60.00 club sponsorship helps to provide items used in reaching the children within a 5-Day Club® which runs for one week 90 minutes per day. Your sponsorship helps to provide Bibles, Meet the King Books, gospel tracts, Memory Verse cards, prizes as incentives, game equipment, daily snacks and hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes. Your sponsorship helps clubs that may not have a host or hostess to provide daily snacks for the children.
CEF of Greater St. Louis serves churches in the St. Charles County, St. Louis County  and St. Louis City.

CEF of Greater St. Louis Area
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Contact Person: Cindy Wells
Phone: (636) 724-7992