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Thank you for submitting the Workers Compliance Agreement.

May God bless your ministry.

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Welcome Volunteers!

Thank you for responding to the need to reach boys and girls with the Gospel and to make the name of Jesus Christ known to the little ones!

In today’s society child abuse and child accusations are occurring daily. Therefore it is important that Child Evangelism Fellowship take steps to protect the children to whom we minister and protect our workers from false accusations.

In accordance with the Child Protection Policy of Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc., all volunteers and paid workers are required to undergo a national criminal background check and complete a volunteer application process.

Please follow the steps under your corresponding volunteer category below.

CEF of Missouri provides background checks at no charge to volunteers. However, there is a cost to CEF for the screening. If you are able, would you consider a donation of $5 or more to the state office to help pay for screenings? Please do not feel obligated–we are pleased to provide this service to ensure the safety of the children in our care and for the protection of our workers. To make a donation, use the “Donate” button on the right hand side of the screen.

New Volunteers

Returning Volunteers Inactive For One Year or More

Returning Volunteers 5-Year Rescreen

Returning Volunteers (active within the last calendar year and not need 5-year rescreen)

Thank you so much for your participation in children’s ministry. Following are the requirements for returning volunteers that have been active in the last year and are not scheduled for a five-year re-screening.

1. Watch or listen to the Protecting Today’s Child presentation.

2. Read the Worker’s Compliance Agreement.

3. Sign the Worker’s Compliance Agreement below.

Workers Compliance Agreement (V1.4)

Churches Adopt Local Schools

Churches having Bible clubs in public schools – is this a dream?  No, it’s happening!  Churches around the world are ministering to children through Good News Club in public schools.   In June 2001 this privilege was extended to churches in the United States with a historical Supreme Court ruling (find out more).

God has opened the doors of public schools to the Gospel!  CEF is ready and eager to help churches enter the schools, fully equipped to share the Gospel and teach the Bible to school children and extend the biblical influence to families.

CEF offers church partners a strategic plan, materials, training, support and mentoring.  Through a God-centered partnership between the local church and CEF, children’s lives change and churches grow.

Churches come to the partnership with the most important ingredient, God’s people. A team from your church will bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the school children. CEF offers specialized training for this endeavor.

CEF takes care of the major logistics of getting a club started:  contacting the school, providing liability insurance, conducting background checks and training/mentoring your team.

To find out if a school in your neighborhood is available to adopt, contact your local CEF office.

Visit our international headquarters site at

Summer Ministry and 5-Day Club

Take vacation Bible school on the road with 5-Day Club®!  High quality teaching materials, action packed fun and loads of relationship building make 5-Day Club one of the most fruitful ministry events of the year.

Take your ministry to the kids; don’t wait for them to come to church.  Think of the places where kids spend their time during the summer; community centers, daycares, parks and summer school.  These are the places your church will want to minister through the 5-Day Club.

The 5-Day Club meets once a day for five days.  Churches have had great success with choosing three locations in nearby neighborhoods to have a week of 5-Day Club.  On the last day of the week they have a rally or special event at their church.  The relationship building that has taken place all week long helps bring the children and their families to the church.

Evangelistic Bible lessons, high-energy games, meaningful songs are all part of what makes a 5-Day Club a memorable experience for the children and the volunteers!

Most churches send their mission-minded teens to Christian Youth In Action® training where they learn to teach a Bible lesson, counsel a child for salvation, teach a missionary story and songs.

CEF will provide a strategic plan, training, materials, background screenings and coaching for your team.  Contact your local CEF office to find out what is happening in your area.

Visit our international headquarters site at

Contact Us

Our staffs’ calling is to help the local church with with children’s ministry and outreach.  Call us!

CEF of Missouri  (State Office)
PO Box 841
Warrenton, MO 63383
Contact Person: Jeanne Hulme
Phone: (636) 724-7992

CEF of East Central
(Franklin, Gasconade, Lincoln, Montgomery and Warren Counties)
PO Box 710 
Warrenton, MO 63383-0710
Contact Person: Robin Olsen
Phone: (636) 297-0130

CEF of Greater Kansas City Area
PO Box 561
Grandview, MO 64030
Contact Person: Christy Heath
Phone: (816) 358-1138

CEF of Greater St. Louis Area
1851 Sherman Drive
St. Charles, MO 63303
Contact Person: Cindy Wells
Phone: (636) 724-7992

CEF of South Central
c/o Paul Craine
PO Box 4237
Waynesville, MO 65583
Contact Person: Paul Craine
Phone: (573) 774-5394

CEF of Springfield
PO Box 3004
Springfield, MO 65808-3004
Contact Person: Andy Quinn
Phone: (785) 623-7501

Visit our international headquarters site at